Surgical Procedures
Appointments for voluntary pregnancy termination may be made by calling the Cleveland Surgi Center, Inc at (216) 295-3330. 
Our toll-free number is 1-800-858-8980.
The professional staff of Cleveland Surgi-Center (CSCI) is comprised of Board certified or Board eligible OB GYN physicians who are not employees of the center.  These physicians are doctors with private practices who are independent contractors.  We are also staffed with a licensed anesthesiologist group, registered nurses, certified counselors, and other professionally trained staff.  When a woman makes the decision to terminate her pregnancy, the safest methods provided are either vacuum aspiration in the first trimester (6 through 12 weeks), or dilation and evacuation in the second trimester(13 through 24 weeks).
The counselor's role is to aid in the mutual exchange of information, and to explore the concerns of the patient.  The abortion decision is always that of the individual patient, with the questions of medical eligibility determined by her CSCI physician.
Remember, a woman has a legal right to terminate her pregnancy if she chooses to do so: however, the State of Ohio has imposed a 24 hour waiting period after the initial visit to our clinic.
At the initial visit, the woman will receive information concerning the abortion procedure from the physician, this includes:
     1.   The nature, purpose, and medical risks
         of the abortion procedure.
     2.   The medical risks in carrying a pregnancy to term.
     3.   Copies of the state of Ohio published material.  The patient has the right to choose not to accept the literature.
During the initial visit, the patient will receive an ultrasound (sonogram) - a picture using painless sound waves to determine the gestation age of the pregnancy.  Other routine tests, prior to the abortion, at the initial visits:
     -pregnancy test
     -urinalysis (albumin, sugar, acetone)
     -RH factor
After the state mandated 24-hour waiting period, the patient will have either one or two appointments, depending on the gestational age of the pregnancy.  She will also meet with the CSCI physician, in a private setting, prior to the abortion procedure.

First Trimester Termination  

6-12 weeks

The procedure is performed by the insertion of a thin plastic tube into the uterus.  The contents of the uterus are then removed with gentle vacuum action.  (as a matter of information, early pregnancy termination are ten times safer then a tonsillectomy).  The procedure itself takes only five or six minutes.
The patient will remain in the Recovery Room approximately 45 minutes.


Second Trimester Termination  

13-17 weeks

Patients who are 13-17 weeks gestational age will have a dilator inserted into the cervical canal.  The dilator is a thin piece of special material that expands like a tampon and causes the canal to gradually, and safely, dilate.  Surgery will be two or three hours later.  The patient is made comfortable and she will remain at the clinic until the procedure is completed, unless she must return the next morning to complete the procedure.



18-24 weeks

Those patients who are beyond 17 weeks(18-24 weeks) will have the dilator inserted: leave the clinic, stay in the Cleveland area overnight, and return to the clinic the next morning to complete the termination.

*General (asleep)
*Sedation (deep twilight)
*Local (awake) - the physician numbs and relaxes the cervix ( opening into the uterus) by an injection into the muscle. The patient who chooses either the General or Sedation anesthetic must have an escort, sign a release form that he or she will escort the patient to her home.
The Local anesthetic requires no escort.
Patients who choose to be sedated or have a general anesthetic will be required to have someone accompany them to the clinic, sign a form of release and be present to take the patient home. The patient is also required to refrain from eating, drinking or smoking after midnight the evening prior to the procedure.

Follow-up Examinations  
The patient is encouraged to have a check-up three weeks after the procedure.   She may come to Cleveland Surgi-Center, or see her own physician.  The CSCI physicians perform the follow-up examination and there is a fee for a PAP test.
The patient is guided by the CSCI physician and counselor in choosing the means of birth control best for her.  If she chooses the oral contraceptive, she will be given a one month's supply of birth control pills after the procedure or at follow-up.  In order to receive a prescription for her pill, the patient must show evidence that she has had a normal result from a PAP test within the past year, and bring evidence that the test indicated a normal result.  She may elect to have a PAP test as part of the follow-up examination.

Additional Services  
A urine test for pregnancy is available without an appointment and without charge.  A small amount of the first morning urine specimen may be brought to CSCI Monday through Saturday during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The patient will find that the Cleveland Surgi-Center maintains a very competitive posture in the Cleveland area.  Our mission has always been to enable women to exercise the right to make an informed choice in the matter of reproductive fertility.
Cleveland Surgi-Center requires partial payment at the time of the first appointment.  The balance is paid at the second visit - after the state mandated 24-hour waiting period has elasped.  Money orders, certified checks, travelers checks, MasterCard Visa and Discover are acceptable means of payment.  Verifiable health insurance is also accepted.
CSCI will not accept personal checks or cash.  There are reduced fees for Ohio ADC patients and fulltime students.
Call (216) 295-3330 or 1-800-858-8980 for a fee schedule.

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